Rare Royd Derwent’s Up For Sale

Like hen’s teeth, here are some Royd Derwent’s up for grabs on ebay. I’ve got hardly any info on these 25 ltr 3-way bookshelf speakers, other than this brochure here. If you have any more info, do please send it over, I’d be very interested.


Royd Abbot à Paris

Here is a nice pair of Royd Abbot’s on ebay.fr, over in Paris, France. Well worth checking out if you’re local.


Ion Obelisk Amplifier

Here is an amp worth checking out. Its the Ion System Obelisk 100 integrated amp. Highly regarded back in the ’90s and a favourite of Joe Akroyd. Apparently Joe used one for testing all the Royd’s he built. Its class A/B, with a single rail architecture, rated at 60W output. It was designed by Richard Hay, who started out at Radfords, then later went on to Nytech / Ion Systems and recently helped start Heed Audio in Hungry.

The sound is often likened to that of Naim and Exposure, and should not be dismissed. These amp’s rarely come up, especially this later, higher rated model.


Technical data:
Audio output: 60 watts (8 ohms), 90 watts (4 ohms)
TDH (ref 1 kHz – 10 dB): <0.1% S/N Ratio Line: 90 dBA Line Output: 100 mV 47 k Phono output: 3 mV 47 k Tape output: 100 mV 47 k Inputs: Phono, CD, Aux, Tuner, Tape 1, Tape 2 Outputs: Tape 1, Tape 2 Speaker Outputs: 2 x Mains, 2 x Auxiliary Weight: 7.2 kg Finish: Black

Dynatron Goldring deck, amp and Royd A14 speakers

Here’s an interesting auction; A Dynatron Goldring G101 belt driven turntable with integrated 4-channel Quadrophonic amp and a pair of Royd A14 speakers. I’m struggling to find much information on this setup. However the Vinyl Engine site does list the G101 deck on its own, and describes it as an ‘elegant unit with the Goldring insistence on precision and quality, and is very economical.’ Either way, it could be worth a punt.


Royd Revelation Range RR1 Speakers

These speakers are very rare and hardly ever hit the second hand market. However here is a pair, on ebay right now, go check them out and snap them up!


Merlin & Sorcerer, Two Rare Standmounts For Sale

If you’re looking for a Royd standmount speaker from high up the range, now is a great time. Two rare examples are currently for sale on ebay; the Merlin and Sorcerer, both great performing 7 ltr speakers.



Royd Sapphire’s in Denmark

Spotted this pair of Royd Sapphire’s on ebay in Denmark. The seller is offering worldwide postage, so definitely worth checking out.


Classic Ion Systems, Nytech, Roksan, Linn & Royd Setup

Just spotted this full system setup on ebay, which is a perfect example of the classic British flat earth sound of the late ’80s/early ’90s. Consisting of a Ion Systems amp, Linn CD player, Roksan turntable, Nytech tuner and Royd speakers. No details of the Royd model, but at first glance, they could be A7’s/A14/Conistons, maybe even Sintra’s. Could well make a bargain for a happy punter.

Edit: Item has been relisted as separate auctions. I’ve updated above links to the Royd Sorcerer auctions.