Royd Apex Unpacking & Connection Instructions

============ ROYD LOUDSPEAKER CO. LTD. ============
Unit B2, Stafford Park 15, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 4BB
Telephone: Telford (01952) 290700
Fax: (01952) 290190


  1. Open outer carton and take out packing Inserts, two stands
    and the packet containing spikes and screws.
  2. Take out LOUDSPEAKERS packed in inner cartons.
  3. Open marked end of inner carton, fold back carton and bubble
    pack, remove loose piece of bubble pack.
  4. Fit stand using four screws into pre-drilled holes.
  5. Fit spikes, tightening 3 only.
  6. Place on stand and slide carton off the LOUDSPEAKER.
  7. Connect the 4 leads from the crossover into the corresponding
    colour sockets.
  8. Adjust the 4th spike and tighten.


  1. Single Twin Wire: Plug into yellow and black sockets.
    N.B. YELLOW is positive.
  2. BI-WIRING: cut wire links under base. Connect two pairs
    wires, one to yellow and black, one to red and blue.
    N.B. YELLOW and RED are positive.
  3. ACTIVE: unplug 4 wires from back of speaker. Connect bass
    amplifier to Yellow and Black sockets in cabinet back.
    Connect: tweeter amplifier into Red and Blue sockets in the
    cabinet back.

Crossover frequency or amplifier: should be 2700 Hz to 3500Hz.
No equalisation is required.