Revelation Range

The Revelation Range were the last speakers Joe Akroyd produced before going into retirement. Below is a press release from the original Royd Audio website describing their key features.

Revelation Range
Revelation Range

The aim of hi-fi is to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. This means that it must reproduce the correct musical note, at the correct time, for the correct length of time, and as near as is practical at the correct volume. Of course, “correct” means that sound which was on the original recording.

In order to do this, loudspeakers must be critically damped at all frequencies, and have the least possible phase distortion. Phase distortion is a time delay dependent on frequency: the lower the note or frequency, the longer the time delay for the same phase shift.

The Royd Revelation Range is a considerable step forward, compared with any other type of design.

The use of compound reflex bass loading in these loudspeakers reduces the phase shift compared with standard reflex bass loading by more than 75%, and is 3 times less than a closed box or acoustic suspension type cabinet. A transmission line cabinet has more bass distortion than a closed box, because it adds a further 180° phase shift to that produced by a closed box. Compound reflex bass loading also ensures that all bass frequencies are critically damped and that the Revelation range of loudspeakers reproduce frequencies down to 20Hz in the listening room.

The Royd Revelation Range employs first order crossovers. This type of crossover produces the least possible phase distortion, and introduces no other distortions or resonances.

All models perform at their best with high quality amplification.

Bi-wiring / Bi-amping

The Revelation Range can be tweaked to work in a bi-wiring or bi-amping setup, below is a reproduction of info on how to perform this modification:

============ ROYD LOUDSPEAKER CO. LTD. ============
Unit B2, Stafford Park 15, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 4BB
Telephone: Telford (01952) 290700
Fax: (01952) 290190

These loudspeakers are connected for single wiring. If bi-wiring or bi-amping is preferred proceed as follows: The terminal housing should be unscrewed and lifted out. The two links connecting the RED terminals together and the BLACK terminals together should be cut. The terminal housing should then be screwed back into position.

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Setting up

Joe Akroyd also produced a specific setting up guide for the Revelation Range, which can be found here.

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