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The original Royd Audio stopped producing speakers around 2002 when Joe Akroyd went into retirement. As such, the only way to get hold of original Royd speakers (and spares) is through the second-hand market. The obvious choice is eBay, followed by the various classifieds and small ads found around the internet. Adverts featuring the Royd Minstrel for sale are by far the most common, so you can be selective. Other models are rarer, do not come up often and can demand higher prices.

In 2014, Royd Audio was reborn, led by Adam Norbury and have released brand new and up to date designs inspired by Joe Akroyd’s original vision. These can be purchased directly from the Royd Audio shop.

Below are Royd speakers for sale currently on eBay. Also included are Rega Ela’s, as the early Ela’s were very similar to the Apex sharing some parts.

Below is a list of other sites worth checking out for Royd loudspeakers. Some are dedicated classified ad sites, others are general Hi-Fi discussion forums which have a classifieds section.

As with purchasing any second-hand goods, usual disclaimers apply, buyer beware! can not be held responsible for the content and sale of goods on linked sites. It is recommended you read throughout guide on buying second hand hi fi equipment.

4 thoughts on “Buy Royd Speakers!”

  1. Hello Rich

    Thank you for taking the time to post a reply, I have been trawling various classifieds for some time now and as yet not found a pair that are either in suitable condition or not to over priced ( I know they are quite rare but some of the prices that have been asked recently on ebay do seem a little over imaginative to me : ). Will definitely have a look on some of the sites that you have sent, thanks again for that. I have the rest of my system in place an A&R A60 amplifier and T21 matching tuner and an Ariston RD 80 tuner . Can’t wait to here my first vinyl.

    Best Regards

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