Where can I buy Royd speakers today?

Royd Audio no longer manufactures speakers, ever since Joe Akroyd retired in 2004. As such you’ll have to scout the second-hand market. Try the ‘Buy Royds’ section, where you can see current Royds on eBay and links to many good classifieds forums and sites.

What amps do Royds sound best with?

Popular brands are Exposure, Naim, NVA, Ion Systems and Onix all of which have good synergy with Royds. Note the later Revelation Range are not as sensitive as earlier models and need more grunt to get the most from them.

The drivers on my Royd Minstrels have become ‘gummed’ up, how can I remedy this?

This is a very common problem but is often easily addressed. Please see this article here.

The drivers on my Royd’s need replacing, where can I source some?

Firstly ensure you’re not suffering from the common ‘gummed up’ drivers problems that affect many Minstrels (and other models), as this can easily be remedied. See here for more information.
Wembley Loudspeakers are highly regarded loudspeaker repair and refurbishment experts, try contacting them and see what they can do with your damaged speakers. www.wembleyloudspeaker.com
Your second option would be to look out for another pair of Royd’s the same or a different model with the same drivers and transplant them. Most Royd drivers were used on many different models.
The last resort would be to find another model of driver that has similar sounding characteristics and replace your damaged drivers with that. Possibly a different Royd driver or maybe another brand altogether.

I want surround sound, what centre speaker should I use with my Royds?

When it comes to surround sound, the ideal situation is to have the front three speakers (front left, centre, right) as similar as possible, to ensure a consistent character of the sound, as material pans across the front speakers. Generally, the centre speaker handles dialogue and the front left/right music/effects. Sometimes the front left/right handle bass duties too (either with or sometimes without a sub).

The AV77 is the most logical answer and is designed to partner with the Minstrels, Doublets and Squires. It’s also electromagnetically shielded, necessary when first sold as CRT TV’s were in vogue, but less of an issue now LCD displays are the default choice.

However the AV77 is impossibly rare to come across, so in lieu, I would suggest using a single stand mount Royd, either mounted on its side or vertically. I would avoid rear-ported models since the centre is often mounted close to the wall, which can give too much bass boom. The Merlin and Sorcerer are front-ported, making them good candidates. The Envoy and Herald are side ported and so work well mounted sideways with the port facing up.

I can’t stop buying/collecting Royd speakers, is there any help available?

Nope, it’s a lost cause! 🙂

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