Sintra Review

Sintra, Hi-Fi Choice Review, Jan 91 photoJust added a review of the original Sintra, from Hi-Fi Choice, January 1991, which you can find here. The Sintra has always been one of Royd’s top end 7ltr stand mount models and has a strong reputation for being one of his best. Its rarity only compounds this.


Royd Sintra IIIt may not have escaped your notice, that the rare is currently on right now. Well worth checking out, as this models pops only once in a blue moon.

Rega Ela Information

Rega Ela Mk1Not technically a Royd speaker, however the Rega Ela Mk1 was developed in conjunction with Royd Audio and shared the same drivers and similar transmission line cabinet design, to the Royd Apex. Later versions of the Rega Ela changed this design and opted for a Rega driver and cabinet changes. The Rega Ela 2000 came much later and was a wholly different speaker. Due to this strong connection with Royd, I’ve added a page specific to the Rega Ela, detailing the different versions, which you can find here.
A while ago, I uploaded an interesting review from the day, comparing the Rega Ela (Mk1) and the Royd Apex. Well worth a read, as it contains a lot of detail of their differences and unique tonal characteristics.