New Photos Added – A14L and Sorcerer SE

I’ve finally found a little time to go through my backlog of assets and uploaded some new photos. First up is the A14L. I know very little about this model, it seems there were a few variations of the A14 model throughout the eighties and start of nineties. It appears to the distinctive purple tweeter, which I’m guessing is the same as used on the early A7 models too, and was later replaced by the Audex tweeter on the A7 Mk2 (and probably the same on the A14 Mk2).
Next up is the much later Sorcerer SE. I believe this shares the same bass driver as the later Revelation Range and retailed for around £900 (still trying to find a source to back up this info). Either way, they are obviously quite different from the standard Sorcerer.

Sorcerer SE A14L Rear