For Sale: Royd Apex From My Own Collection

I’m having a bit of a clear out and am selling a pair of Royd Apex from my own collection. I’ve had this pair about 5-6 years, they used to be in my main lounge setup, but they’ve been in storage for the last few months. They’re in black and in good working order. Cosmetically however, they’re a little rough. Quite a few scratches and knocks, some of which have been touched up with black paint, so not too noticeable from a distance. The metal frame stands also have some rough paintwork. None of this detracts from their working or sound quality.

The Apex are the twin brothers of the original Rega Ela, a transmission line design with a rear bass port (at the top). They can reach pretty low frequencies, but they’re no bass junkies. The midrange is where they shine, slightly forward, but rich and smooth, albeit not as refined as later Royd’s. The Apex feature an external crossover mounted inside the bases, which can be setup for an active bi-amping configuration (using a Naim Naxo 2-4). They’re relatively easy to drive too.

Taking their cosmetic condition into account, I’m looking for £100. Due to their size, weight and lacking of packing, I will unfortunately have to insist on collection only from East London/Essex Border area. But of course, you’ll be able to demo them, compare against other Royd’s I have and enjoy a decent cup of tea. 🙂 If you’re interested, just get in touch using the contact form on the site.


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3 thoughts on “For Sale: Royd Apex From My Own Collection”

  1. Hi, do you still have the Royd Apex’s for sale?

    I’m really looking for the Rega Ela Mk1’s as I had a pair and foolishly sold them to my brother. I still have my ION Obelisk 2 though and want a speaker that really matches the sound, currently using some Linn Index’s but I really want a floor standing design and loved the grooved front on the Ela. Can you help or recommend somewhere I can get something similar?

    Thanks Dylan

    1. Your best plan is to keep an eye out on ebay, or some of the good Hi-Fi forums like or

      That said I haven’t sold my pair of Royd Apex yet, they’re still in the loft gathering dust. On the end of an Ion Obelisk 2 would be a much better home for them. 🙂

  2. Hi

    I own a pair of Royd Revelation 2’s. The sound from them is sublime! I would like to replace one of the driver units as the rubber around the cone has a slight tear in it. Where can I buy one please?

    Kind regards

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