New Minstrel Content

I’ve just added some new content for the Royd Minstrels. Steve Edmundson has kindly sent me some scans of original literature that came with his Minstrels. These include the full spec and Royd’s own description that helps put them in context.

Recently ace-reuse-kettering on ebay sold a pair of Minstrel SE’s with the rate steel base. This optional base was studier and gave extra support through a rear vertical brace the Minstrels could rest against.

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One thought on “New Minstrel Content”

  1. I have a pair of Minstrels in black ash together with the optional steel/carbon fibre stands. Ungainly they may look, but I’ve never heard such a sound stage with any other speaker. Granted the treble is a trifle bright, but I’ve never heard it muddy!

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