Royd AV77 Centre Speaker Photos

Royd AV77After a long search I finally found a Royd AV77 centre speaker for my personal setup. This model is rare as hens teeth, which is a shame as its very good. This is the only centre speaker Royd made and was intended to partner with the Minstrel, Squire and Doublet.
I’ve taken some photos of it and added them to the website.

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2 thoughts on “Royd AV77 Centre Speaker Photos”

  1. Hi there, where can I find a AV77 centre speaker as I own a pair of Royd Doublets and am batling to match it with a decent centre?

    1. Good luck is all I’ll say. I was looking for around 5 years and only saw two come on on the second hand market, I missed the first, but got the second! I was using a single Royd Envoy (on its side with bass port firing upwards) for many years to good effect. I suggest you go down a similar route, with a single Royd stand mount with a front or side port.

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