Selling Tips – Step 7: Following Up

Now that your ad is live on one or more forums/sites, don’t forget to follow it up.

  1. Check back regularly for replies, questions or personal messages (PM’s), so you can give a swift reply. Many forums have the option to ‘subscribe’ to a thread, so that you can receive instant notification of a reply via email.
  2. If your item remains unsold on a forum for some time, your message may fall down the listings. As such you may want to add a reply yourself to ‘bump’ it up. Check each forums policy on this practice, many have rules on how often you are allowed to do this.
  3. If your item is still unsold after several days, perhaps you need to consider a price drop. Try sweetening the deal, throw in some cables or the postage for free.
  4. Lastly, try posting your ad elsewhere or .

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