Selling Tips – Step 6: Listing Your Ad

Finally you’re ready to list your item online. But where should you list? Some forums are better for different types of kit and some places incur fees. My advice is to first try listing on sites that are free, then try those that charge, if you have have no luck initially.

  1. If the item is a turntable or related item, then you should definitely list on the Vinyl Engine forum, which specialises in this gear.
  2. For high end stereo gear Hi-Fi Wigwam and pink fish media are great forums to try.
  3. If your item is vintage (from ’60s -’80s), then try Retro Hi-Fi or Audiojumble.
  4. For home cinema and surround gear, AVForums is very good forum to try first. Note: this site prohibits items from being listed elsewhere at the same time.
  5. More general free ad sites to try are Gumtree and Preloved. These however tend to be focused on selling within your local area.
  6. Finally there’s eBay. Obviously you ‘ll incur fees for listing your item and final sale fees if the items sells. However items tend to get more views and often sell for higher prices than they would otherwise.

Each of these sites has their own rules on how stuff can be sold, how buyer-seller communication is handled etc. They’re all straight forward, so do read up and adhere to them. Otherwise, at best your ad will be deleted, at worst you’ll be banned.


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