Selling Tips – Step 4: Writing Your Description

We’re almost there, you’ve sorted some good looking photos, you’ve got a good idea of price, now you need to write a goo description of the item. The aim here is to entice someone whose half interested and to give an accurate portrayal of its condition.

  1. Explain what it is! Not everyone will know that a black box called a WidgetyBoo RD450X is actually a power supply specifically designed for use with WidgetyBoo amplifiers.
  2. List its key feature, e.g. its got 6 input, 3 digital outputs and 24bit conversion gubbins. See if you can find a full specification on the manufacturers website and link to it or paste it into your description.
  3. Explain how you used it and how it improved your setup. What will a prospective buyer gain from buying your item?
  4. See if you can find some online reviews of the item and add links to them. Audio geeks are a fickle bunch and like to follow the herd. If others rave about the item, it can reinforce their decision.
  5. Detail its condition in depth. Describe every scratch, scuff and ding. If a buyer finds something unexpected on receipt of the item, they’ll likely to get disgruntled and things can get very awkward.
  6. List everything that will come with the item, box, manual, cables etc.

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