Selling Tips – Step 3: Pricing

Knowing how much to ask for kit can be difficult and forums are littered with the question: ‘How much is X worth?” Ultimately an item is worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Ask for too much and your item will remain unsold for some time, yet ask too little and it’ll will be gone quickly, but leave you wondering if you cut yourself short.

  1. See how much others are asking: Do a search for your item on this site and see how much others are asking for it. Take note of how many items the same as yours are currently for sale.
  2. A more accurate gauge is to see how much similar items actually sold for in past, rather than just how much others asked… Do a search on ebay for completed items, take note of prices on listings that sold and those that didn’t. Also check the condition and postal options of items that went for a lot or very cheap.

Now you should have a rough idea on what to price your item at, but first take on board the following considerations:

  1. Does your item include original box, manual an accessories? If not, lower your price a spot.
  2. Does your item have any scuffs, scratches, dents or damage? If so, lower you price realistically.
  3. Are you willing to source adequate packaging and post the item? If not, then it could take a while to sell and require price reductions to shift. Especially if you live in the middle of nowhere, miles from anyone else!
  4. Is the second hand market already flooded with the same or similar items already? If so, you may need to price aggressively to shift it.
  5. Is your item a limited/special edition, rare or have a cult following. If so, you maybe able to demand more. Modded items can also fetch better price (if the work is reputable).
  6. Has you item been recently serviced (with documentation to back it up)? If so, this can help bump up its value.

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