Selling Tips – Step 1: Preparing to Sell

Here is a few key things you should do prior to selling an item of Hi-Fi or Home Cinema. Follow these to ensure your sale goes well.

  1. First things first, are you sure you want to sell this item? Ask yourself, whether you’re are doing the right thing. Will this sale be something you’ll regret at a later date? A new piece of kit, may give you a different sound, but is it really better? Give yourself time with your new replacement kit, before selling your old item; the new item may appear better at first, but quickly grow fatiguing. Is the item a rare or limited edition item, that would be difficult to replace, if you wanted to go back to it?
  2. Inspect the item well, double check it has no unexpected scratches of damage you weren’t aware of. You don’t want a buyer to find something later and surprise you!
  3. Give the item a good dusting and clean. A damp cloth is fine in most instances. For greasy finger prints, add tiny spot of fairy liquid to the damp cloth. Obviously be careful and use common sense.
  4. Hunt down any original boxes, remotes, manuals, documentation etc. You did retain these didn’t you?

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