Recommended Phono Stage Pre-amps around £100 – Rotel


Rotel RQ970 BX
Rotel RQ 970BX

The Japanese HiFi manufacturer Rotel released the RQ 970BX phono stage in 1994. Its a sleek, simple, no frill black box, in standard HiFi separates width of 440mm. This is actually quite rare for phono stages, which usually come in small boxes with separate power supplies, this RQ 970BX weighs in at just over 3Kg and has a captive mains lead. It is also switch-able between MM and MC.

The RQ 970BX is legendary for its up front presentation, rich, forward and full of dynamics. It may not be as detailed as other phono stages, but the it’s overall sound quality can give competing products costing a great deal more, a good run for their money. Back in 2001, it retailed for a mere $200, these days, second hand prices vary between £40-80. The combination of high quality sound, cheap price and limited availability has been this phono stage a bit of a cult product, for budding audiophiles getting into vinyl.

Review of Rotel RQ 970BX from SoundStage!

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