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Pro-ject Phonobox II
Pro-ject Phonobox II

Pro-Ject have been building and selling turntables and related phono electronics since 1991 and have a number of products available new for around £100 and even more higher end models that maybe found second hand within budget too. The range of Pro-Ject Phono Boxes runs like this:-

Phono Box MM – The basic entry level MM model. Retails new for around £60.
Phono Box II – High quality model, released in 2007, featuring better case, MM/MC switchable. Retails new for £90.
Phono Box USB – Same as II, but with addition of USB ADC.
Phono Box USB V – Released in 2012 and very similar to above, but with addition of manual gain control. Note this one sometimes goes by name of ‘Phono Box III USB’. Retails for around £130.
Phono Box SE – Uprated version of Phono Box, with better component all round and improved power supply. Sold for £200 when launched in 2004.
Phono Box II SE – Uprated version of Phono Box II, also released in 2007, with better components all round and improved power supply. Retails for £200

All feature a dual mono design with a separate power supply. Overall, they are great value for money and offer very good sound quality, refined with good sound stage and separation. If you can find one of the SE versions within budget, you’ll be onto a winner. Otherwise the other versions make a great buy brand new.

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