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Cambridge Audio Phono Stages

Cambridge Audio 640P
Cambridge Audio 640P

Cambridge Audio produce the excellent AZUR 540P and AZUR 640P, both of which launched late 2004. The former was an entry level model, MM only and sold for £40. However it was the AZUR 640P that took the vinyl community by storm. It was MM/MC switchable and sold for a measly £60 new, yet gave outstanding sound quality. Little else at this price could compete and roundly received rave reviews from all. Second hand prices of the AZUR 640P reflect this, with examples selling for £60-70, especially now it is no longer available new and has been replaced by the more expensive 651P.

In 2012 Cambridge Audio updated their range with the AZUR 551P and AZUR 651P. Both featuring updated power supplies and numerous other updates. These sell new for £70 and £120 respectfully. A big jump in price, but more appropriate considering the quality of these phono amps.

In the UK all Cambridge Audio gear is sold exclusively through Richer Sounds.

Review of Cambridge Audio AZUR 640P from What Hi-FI magazine.

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