Buying Tips – Step 4: Paying and Receiving Goods

As the buyer, an element of trust is expected. It is common form for the buyer to pay for goods up front, then let the seller post them once your funds are confirmed and cleared. The exception to this rule is when you collect an item, where upon cash payment is the default choice.

For distance buying, PayPal is the default choice, particularly for eBay auctions. This service lets you pay by debit/credit card, instantly transfers funds and offer protection for the buyer and seller alike. All fees are passed onto the seller. Some sellers may ask for a ‘PayPal gift’ payment, to avoid paying these fees, however this will negate any protection otherwise afforded. Some forums rule against this too.

After payment has been sent, patience is required whilst the goods are posted. Many buyers get anxious at this point and hound the seller when they haven’t received anything the next day. Post can get delayed, calling cards can get missed and sellers are real people, sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as planned. Contact the seller, but civility is the key. Check any tracking info you’ve been given.

On receipt of goods, check it thoroughly as soon as you can. Remember, if the box is visibly damaged on delivery, mark it such to the courier. Any damage done in transit needs to reported quickly, to ensure no hiccups when claiming against insurance. Double check everything is as described in the original advert/auction, confirm all accessories are included.

If all is well and good, do let the seller know

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