Buying Tips – Step 2: Know What It’s Worth

Now you have a good idea of what the item is and what it can do, you need to gauge what its really worth. Some sellers are naively optimistic with pricing, some don’t have clue and will seriously under price.

  1. Your previous searching may have thrown up the new price of the item. Although interesting, once an item is a few years old, this price is pretty irrelevant. Good kit will hold value well, crap, mediocre  or simply unfashionable kit will drop in value a lot.
  2. Search for the item on eBay within completed auctions, to see what prices the item has sold for previously. Ignore unsold prices, the seller quite likely priced too optimistically. Check the auctions for the higher and lower prices, they maybe explained by condition (brand new/spare & repair) and postage options (collection only from Isle of Sky).
  3. Search on this site, to see what prices other private sellers are charging for the same or similar items.

Whilst searching, you may notice the item your interested in, has been listed on many sites over a long period of time. Or has been listed on eBay several times and gone unsold. In these situations, you may have a good chance to barter the asking price down.

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