Buying Tips – Step 1: Know What You’re Buying

So you’ve seen an item which has taken your fancy. The first thing you should do is research it and find out all you can about the item. Make sure its exactly what you expect, does what you want and has the necessary connections you need.

  1. See if full specifications are available on the manufacturers website. Some manufacturers are better than others in this respect, some only have info on items currently for sale.
  2. Try checking out the manufacturers website from a years ago, using the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive. An old version of their site may have information you need.
  3. Search for other fan sites or forum threads with information. Google Groups search can be handy here.
  4. Search for reviews from old magazines or by users (e.g. Audioreview. The latter maybe biased, but can still contain useful information
  5. Whilst searching, keep any eye out for mention of common problems or fault the item suffers from. They may have been unlucky, but its stuff to check.

Now your clued up on the item, check that the sellers item matches. Look out for model/specification discrepancies.

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